Traders Hotel Review

Traders Hotel Deluxe Room 2

Two weeks ago, I stayed in Traders Hotel because a family friend “sold” us her overnight stay gift certificate for half the original price. It was a good deal and just used it so that it won’t be wasted. My mom and I stayed in their Deluxe Room which includes Breakfast buffet. I think the original price of this kind of room is about Php 5800 + per night. The best thing about this hotel is that every room as a complimentary broadband internet connection! You don’t need to pay extra because it’s already included the package.  I was online from 11 pm to around 5 am and didn’t have any extra cost!

Traders Hotel Deluxe Room 1

In general, the room is nice and spacious. There’s a Samsung flat screen tv with cable. Too bad that they haven’t subscribed to High Definition cable so it didn’t really maximize the potential of the nice television šŸ˜‰ .

Traders Hotel Deluxe Room Bathroom

The toilet and bath wasn’t that crowded as well. It has a bath tub (i’m not really a bath tub person) and shower. They also provided some complimentary bath stuff there.

Breakfast Buffet at the Traders Hotel

Mom and I went down to have breakfast. They have a buffet set up with different choices of breakfast food – Filipino, Continental, American, etc. They also have an eggs station, better be ready to tell the cook how you want your eggs to be done.

Bread Section - Breakfast Buffet at Traders Hotel

Their breakfast selection is not that very extensive, however I just managed to get a few of the things that I love to eat for breakfast: sausage, bacon, bread, yogurt and potatoes. The food tastes average. Nothing really something to look forward to.

My Breakfast at the Traders Hotel

Didn’t really have anything to do in the hotel so I decided have a dip in the pool after breakfast. It was just a small pool and the water was cold! Brrr. There’s a separate pool for kids and I’m the only adult swimming.  This area also has wifi so I was tweeting while I was sunbathing! Cool!

Swimming Pool at the Traders Hotel

Traders Hotel is recommendable for business people because of the free internet. It’s also best for people like me who do a lot of things online.  I really enjoyed my stay because of this.They also have very courteous staff, they do not discriminate Filipinos just because we’re Filipinos.

TIP: If you’re around the CCP area and would like to have coffee and use the internet, you can drop by, their coffee shop which is open to non-guests. They have cheap coffees (around PHP 85 and above). Don’t order their fresh fruit juices, it’s super expensive (around PHP 200 +)!

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