Taal Volcano Trekking Adventure

Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is between Talisay and San Nicolas, Batangas. The volcano can be viewed while you’re in Tagaytay, Cavite but it would be best to take a closer look at the crater of it and appreciate its beauty.

Going to the Taal Volcano crater would not require you to travel that long. We were from Tagaytay City and one of the tricycle drivers there offered us if we would like to have trek in Taal Volcano. Because we wanted to experience something new, we immediately agreed to be picked up from Estancia Hotel at 7 am.

We took a 30-minute tricycle ride to the shore where we can ride the pump boat to take us to Taal Volcano. The tricycle driver offered us a package including both back and forth tricycle and pump boat fares amounting to Php 1800.

The road toward the shore is being cemented. Good thing there were people who were assigned in specific areas where the road becomes one way and they signal the drivers when there’s another vehicle approaching the opposite way.

View from Talisay, Batangas

There were resorts along the shorelines of San Nicolas, Batangas. The tricycle driver of course had their own contact resort and brought us there. I chose the dishes that will be prepared for lunch so that when we come back, it’s ready to be eaten. Wow, can’t wait to foodtrip with the view of the Taal Lake!

Taal Volcano Trekking Adventure from sharlyne ang on Vimeo.

The boat ride was about 30 minutes long. We crossed Taal Lake to get to Talisay, Batangas. When we arrived in Talisay, we were offered if we wanted to rent some horses and assistants (for the horse) for the both of us. We didn’t really plan to go to Taal Volcano in the first place and didn’t wear trekking shoes at that time so we decided to take the offer. The horses were Php 1250 each and for the 4 assistants that we had, we paid Php 250 (for all of them). I’m really afraid of horses because they might not be able to carry my weight (hehe). Good thing that my horse, Angelica, was strong and kind to me 🙂 .

me in horse

Me with Angelica (the horse) and the boy assistant

Stairway to Taal Volcano

It took us probably an hour to get to the top of the volcano. There are some parts of the path that are steep. Good thing my horse was able to overcome that. We parked our horses then went up to the man-made stairs to take a closer view of Taal Volcano’s crater.

Taal Volcano 2

The crater was so beautiful. I can see some smoke coming from the lake and I believe that is some volcanic activity going on there. Too bad Karla’s camera wasn’t cooperating with us, good thing we have our mobile phones to take pictures. (Camera fail! hehe)


Sha in Taal

We came back to San Nicolas to have our lunch. The trip was very tiring (and expensive too!) but it was worth it. Here is the run down of our expenses during the Taal Volcano Trekking Adventure:

tricyle and pump boat rental: Php 1800
horse rental 2500 (1250 each)
assistants (4 pax) 250
snacks for the assistants 200 (50 pesos each)
lunch at the resort 900
total expenses for 2: Php 5,400 or Php 2700 per person

The amount per person will be lessened if you’re more than 2 of course so I would suggest to go there as a group to lessen the expenses. Also, it would be much cheaper if you just trek just make sure to wear trekking shoes and attire so that you don’t need to rent horses anymore.

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