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bed at sofitel

I stayed at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel a few days ago to assist in the Philippine College of Physicians Annual convention. My stay was actually unexpected. I was first booked in a room together with two other ladies I’m working with. The photos here are from the room I stayed and shared with a new person. The first room I occupied was at the 7th floor and had two single beds. It has a much bigger bathroom. The TV table is connected to the ofice table. 

room at sofitel

It was actually my first time to stay at Sofitel and it was quite good experience. I didn’t really have the time to maximize the facilities and amenities they offer because I have to leave very early (6:00 am) and arrive late from the convention at SMX (9:00 pm). I didn’t even have the chance to dine at Spiral. But nevertheless, I appreciated the staff for being courteous and very friendly. The rooms that I occupied were clean. Their television don’t have much cable channels. They only have local channels which is quite saddening, I wanted to watch CNN and Discovery Channel at that time.

bathroom at sofitel

The bathroom is very spacious. The rooms I occupied didn’t have bath tubs which was alright with me; I don’t really like using bath tubs. I just hope that they will be installing bidets in their bathrooms.

I don’t really know the exact amount of the rooms that I stayed in because I didn’t pay for it. From what I know the lowest price is Php 6500 (single bed) per night then the next price would be about Php 9,000.

Hopefully I could come back and stay at Sofitel again so that I could experience at least to dine at Spiral. 🙂

CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard Pasay City 1300 MANILA, PHILIPPINES
(+63)2/5515555 – (+63)2/5515610

You may visit their website here and for reservations just email them at

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