Shopping in Bugis

Center map

Bugis Junction
Bugis Junction

We’ve been looking where to shop to buy something for our family and friends back in Manila and Bugis was suggested to us since there are variety of stores there at relatively affordable prices. There is a Bugis Junction Mall which is connected to the MRT station. Shops in Bugis Junction Mall are the branded ones however if you really want bargain shopping, just cross the street and visit the Bugis Village. It’s a tiangge set up wherein you can haggle for the prices to be lower. You can buy clothes, Singapore souvenirs (key chains, t-shirts, etc.), food, and many others. They also have adult shops for those who are more adventurous ones.  I bought some bracelets 3 for SGD 10 (about PHP330 + ) for my mom, a whole bag of Milk Tea for about SGD 5.99 (about PHP200 pesos), and many more. It’s good to go there anytime of the year but it’s better if it’ s before the last minute holidays to avoid too much people.

How to go to Bugis? Just ride the MRT – Green Line. 🙂

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