Seasons Botanic Gardens – Melbourne, Australia

Living Room in my Hotel Room

Living Room at the Seaons Botanic Gardens

The Seasons Botanic Gardens is a 4-star hotel in South Melbourne that was chosen by my employer as my accommodation during my stay there for my training. So coming from my employer’s office in Stead Street, I took a cab going to 348 St. Kilda Road. It only took me 10 minutes going there and my taxi fare was around AUD $7.50 (Php 352 ). I had no choice but to take a cab because I still have my luggage with me. Their check in time is at 2:00 pm and since I arrived Melbourne at 7:30 am, I really couldn’t go straight to the hotel to check in.

I have seen their website and knew that they have apartment style hotel rooms but I did not expect it to be really big. I stayed in 2 rooms during my stay in South Melbourne. I transferred to my second room on my 6th day because the air-conditioner in my first room wasn’t working.

kitchen and dining in Seasons Botanical Gardens

Kitchen and Dining Area

As mentioned, their rooms are apartment style. It has a kitchen which has almost everything that you need such as a dishwasher, oven, electric stove, refrigerator, electric water heater, coffee maker, silverware, plates, cups, cooking pans and pots, wooden spoon and many other. I can have something cooked while I was there, however, I really didn’t have the energy anymore to cook whenever I go home from work. This is what I liked in Seasons, it’s like you’re living in your own house except that it there is housekeeping everyday (except Sundays).

King Size Bed in my Hotel Room


I had a king size bed in my room. It’s sad that I don’t have anyone to share it with, so it seems quite big for me. The bed was comfortable to sleep in and the pillows were soft. Inside the bedroom, there’s a big closet with full-sized mirrors. It has a television in the bedroom too. I love the big glass window beside my bed because of the view. I even got to see 2 hot air balloons for the first time ever before going to work on my 2nd day there.

Hot Air Balloon in Melbourne

Hot Air Balloon Spotted Through My Window at 6:00 am

The living room (as shown in the first photo above) is very comfortable. After work, I would eat dinner while watching television. Their cable television only has 7 English channels. Most of them are Australian channels. I think I was able to watch a Filipino news show, “Bandila”, while I was channel surfing. I think they subscribed to TFC for a short time. So all in all, I have 2 televisions in my hotel room.

Bathrom in my Hotel Room


The bathroom is just right. It has a tub, shower, toilet and the best of it all is that it has a hair dryer attached to the wall near the mirror! It makes hair drying much easier!

Living Room in my 2nd Hotel Room

Kitchen and Dining Area in my 2nd Hotel Room

Now for my second room, I was surprised that they gave me a much bigger room than mine. It’s bigger than my own house. The kitchen is much bigger because there are more counters than the first room I had.



These photos were the views from my window (first room). Top photo is the view of the city and the photo below is the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Trams in Melbourne

Transportation isn’t a problem in this area because right across the street are the trams which can take you to different parts of Melbourne. There are also buses that pass by the area. It only took me 10 minutes to go to the city. Also, the hotel is just the opposite of the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance so you can have a stroll around the beautiful parks.

Full Breakfast Buffet at Seasons

My accommodation includes free breakfast everyday (continental breakfasts during weekdays and full breakfasts on weekends). If it’s a weekday and you are craving for full breakfast, you can avail of the upgrade for only AUD $6.00 (Php 258) The only thing I didn’t like here is that the dishes that they serve for breakfast buffet do not change. It’s always grilled tomatoes, grilled sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs. They taste okay but nothing really spectacular.

Eggs Benedict at the Seasons

It was only during my last day in the hotel when I was able to eat a different meal. They removed the buffet table for some reason and I was craving for full breakfast. I had an upgrade and chose Eggs Benedict for my breakfast. That’s the only time I had a different meal for breakfast.

Everything in the hotel is okay except that their internet broadband connection is really expensive. It costs AUD $24.95, (Php 1,072.75, valid for 24 hours) and you can also use their wireless internet in their restaurant for AUD $ 5.95 (Php 255.85) but only for 30 minutes (with free cup of coffee). This is the reason why I can’t blog while I was there.

Since this is a business trip, my employer paid for my accommodation which costs AUD $1,008 (Php 43,344). I believe they have a booking fee for first time customers which costs around AUD $ 4.50 and also a surcharge depending on your credit card.

Seasons Botanic Gardens
348 St. Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004
phone: +61 03 9685 3000
fax: +61 03 9685 2999

(has online booking)

* Exchange rate during my travel was AUD $ 1.00 = Php 43.00

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