The Sandcastles of Boracay

Pinoy Bloggers written on sand

The first time that visited Boracay with sandcastles built by the locals as photo ops for tourists was in May 2005. The sand castles come in different sizes, some are big while some are small. It has generated income for tourists there and a lot have been impressed with their skills in sandcastle building.

The Sandcastle Man
Man building a sandcastle

In the morning, they build the sand castles while the sun is not yet that hot. They put a jar there so that people can give them a tip for his job well done (the sandcastle builder) and of course, the photo op. When it’s night time already, they put candles around the sandcastle so that tourists can still have their photo ops at night 🙂 .

Intricate Sandcastle
Sandcastle circa 2005

The last time that I went to Boracay (around January 2008), you now have the option to put your name or whatever you want to put on the sandcastle. This is really great for the “just for fun” photo ops. 😀 So, if you haven’t done this yet in Boracay, please do so. 🙂 At least we’re also helping the locals there earn something. 🙂

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