Preparing for Motion Sickness

Have you ever felt dizzy while you are traveling?  It’s called motion sickness. Aside from dizziness, other motion sickness symptoms are feeling really tired and sick to your stomach. The result of motion sickness is usually vomiting. Motion sickness can happen anywhere whether you’re traveling by land, sea or air.

When I was in elementary, I used to have have motion sickness.  I rode the school bus everyday. I spent 3 hours going to school and 3 hours from school so all in all, I traveled almost 6 hours everyday to and from school (because I was the first and last person in the school bus). I would always get dizzy and vomit; I was known as the kid who always puked in the school bus. It wasn’t a really a good reputation but I eventually overcame that motion sickness phase of mine.

If you know that you are prone to motion sickness, here are some tips that can help you prevent it from happening:

  1. When you’re traveling by land (car, bus, train, etc.),  make sure to sit in the front seat and do not look on the moving objects near you. I remember my dad saying this to me as a child: always look at the distant scenery because our perception of it isn’t fast compared to looking at the scenery near you.
  2. When you’re traveling by sea (boat, ship etc.), watch the motion of the horizon on the deck.
  3. When you’re traveling by air (airplane), sit on the window seat and look outside. The best seat would be near the wings because there is minimal motion in that area.
  4. It’s a big no-no to read while you’re travelling.
  5. Do not sit facing backward.
  6. Make sure to bring motion sickness medications available in the market.

If you are already experiencing motion sickness, you can take Antihistamine medications. Don’t worry, motion sickness isn’t really serious so no need to be confined in the hospital.

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