The Grim Past of Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel entrance

Plaza Cuartel, located just a few meters away from Immaculate Conception Cathedral, has a dark past. During the World War II, 143 American soldiers were burned inside the tunnel by Japanese soldiers. Eleven soldiers were able to escape from Plaza Cuartel. In 1997, Plaza Cuartel was transformed into a leisure park after it was occupied by the National Police.

Tunnel in Plaza Cuartel

There are steel bars that blocks the entrance to the tunnel. Looking at the opening of the tunnel while thinking of what happened there is a scary thought indeed.

Memorial Marker for the 143 American POW

Inside Plaza Cuartel, you’ll see the Memorial Marker for the 143 American POW (Prisoners of War).

Memorial by Don Schloat

In addition, you will also see there a memorial made by Don Schloat. Don Schloat is a World War II veteran and he was once imprisoned in Plaza Cuartel. Check out some photos of Don Schloat here.

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