Appreciating Art and Heritage in Pagburnayan

Pottery Makers at Pagburnayan

Pagburnayan is a small barangay in Vigan, Ilocos Sur that is famous for clay pots and earthenwares which is popularly known as burnay jars. In this barangay, you can find here a lot of potteries. Before, they only use these jars for storage of basi, vinegar, rice, water, etc.

We were only able to visit Ruby Pottery. We went there via a calesa from the city proper of Vigan.

How to make a burnay jar

At Pagburnayan

First, they let a carabao stomp in a hole full of red clay. After the texture of the clay is consistently fine, the potters get mounds of clay. The size of the mound of the clay that the potters get depends on the size of the jar/pot that they will make. Before they put the clay on the potter’s wheel, they put some sand on it so that it won’t stick. After placing the mound of clay, they will turn around the potter’s wheel using their foot. Simultaneously, they mold the clay using their hands. They do it until they have achieved their desired shape, size and texture.

Making a Pot at Pagburnayan - 6

After that, the jar/pot will be dried first (about a day) before putting inside the kiln. These jars are baked for three days (at 1200 degrees Celsius). Then, the jars will be removed from the kiln and shall be cooled down for 20-22 hours or until it hardens.

Pots at Pagburnayan

Visitors in these potteries may also experience making a jar or a pot. We were offered by the potter if we wanted to try but we declined because we didn’t want to get our hands dirty. Hehe. 😀

These beautiful burnay jars just show the quality of Filipino craftsmanship.

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