Pico de Loro Hike

They say that spontaneous trips are the best and I’m filing this under the said category. Because my sister bought hiking shoes, she’s very eager to try it. Hence, she asked me and Sha to go and climb Pico de Loro with her high school buddy, Alvin.

Sha had to make a quick research on the level of difficulty of hiking Pico de Loro. She was hesitant at first but for some reason, my sister tricked us into making to go with her and her buddy.

Pico de Loro is probably the most challenging hike I have ever experienced. It was quite easy going up even if it took me longer. For me, going down is a bit more difficult. Me and Sha chose not to climb the Monolith and the summit. We just stayed at the basecamp and ate some Halo Halo and instant pancit canton while waiting for Claudia and Alvin to finish climbing the summit.

Check out our Pico de Loro hike video above. 🙂

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