On My Way to Melbourne

You’ll be reading some of the things I wrote when I was still in Melbourne (November 3-10). Internet access in my hotel is really expensive so I decided to just blog about it when I get back in Manila. So here it goes…

Melbourne at Night

When a rare opportunity comes, grab it.

Here I am in Melbourne, Australia being trained for my new role in my current company. I’ll only be here for a week and I’ll still be based in Manila. It’s my first time in Melbourne and it’s my first time to travel alone.

Butterfly in Changi Airport
Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport

My flight going to Melbourne was long because I have connecting flights. I left Manila at 2:20 pm and arrived in Singapore around 6 pm. I hanged around Terminal 3 of the Changi Airport for around 3 hours. I haven’t been there for a long time. I think it’s the best airport I’ve been to, lots of places to dine, shop and of course I love their free wi-fi! I roamed around the airport and found the Butterfly Garden. It’s a good way to see a glimpse of nature in a busy airport.  Then at 8:10 pm, I was already boarding the plane going to Melbourne. By the way, I flew to Melbourne via Singapore Airlines which was the cheapest so far compared to Cathay Pacific and Philippine Airlines. The flight was worth $750 (back and forth) while the others were more than $900 +.

Still at the Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport

Good thing I got the window seat because the lady beside me (on my left) is having a hard time with the lady on her left side. She kept on standing up the whole flight and even poured wine on the kind lady beside me. Poor thing. I also can’t help but be awakened whenever she makes a commotion. Travelling by airplanes are not really for everybody, especially that old lady who can’t sit still. Oh well.

rainbow in melbourne

I arrived in Melbourne at around 7:30 am and first thing I saw in my airplane window before landing was a beautiful rainbow. What a beautiful sight to see in a land that I’ve never been on.

The moment I went out of the airport to ride a cab, I felt the very cold breeze. It’s like Baguio but it’s much more colder. Temperature is about 19 degrees.

I took a cab and headed straight to our office in Stead Street South Melbourne. I can’t check in to my hotel because check-in time is 2 pm. I immediately started training then my boss allowed me to go home at 4 pm to check in to my hotel nearby.

By the way, I am currently staying at the Seasons Botanic Gardens in St. Kilda Road.

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