Microtel Davao

Microtel Davao Room

It’s actually my first time to stay in any Microtel in the Philippines. I agree with most of my friends who have stayed in a Microtel Hotel,  the experience is worthwhile. Aside from its clean facilities, Microtel boasts their chiropractic beds (like the ones you see above). Even though I only had 2 nights to sleep there, at least my back was able to experience at least 4 hours on it :D. It was such a comfort to lie down there after a tiring day from the activities.

Microtel Davao Side Table

We stayed in double room which was worth around Php 2,500 per night. This includes 2 queen size beds, refrigerator, 1 bathroom, cable television. This room can occupy 4 people; perfect for families and groups of friends. What I liked about the room, aside from the chiropractic bed, is that it’s not very crowded. If your group has a lot of electronic gadgets (cellphones, laptops, Ipods, cameras, etc.), it would be best to bring your own extension cord or you may ask this from the reception.

Davao Delicacies from Microtel Davao

The bathroom is simple yet clean. The blow dryer is in the bathroom, it may be of a hassle if you want to dry your hair in the bedroom area. They also have bathroom freebies such as toothbrush, soaps, toothpaste, etc. so if you forgot some bathroom stuff, at least you have these freebies to use. Now speaking of freebies, they gave us some Davao delicacies – not sure if this is common to their paying customers.

Microtel Davao Lobby

There’s no wifi in the room so I’d have to stay at the lobby. There are sockets there so there’s no problem if you want to charge your laptop while using the wifi.

Buffet Table in Microtel Davao

Microtel also has a small dining area where you can eat your breakfast. They don’t really have an in-house restaurant like other hotels. The food was good; they serve typical Filipino breakfast (rice and viands. Nothing really fancy.

The location of Microtel is strategic, it’s just 10 minutes away from the Davao International Airport. Also, it’s very accessible to public transportation and commercial district. It’s just opposite a 24-hour Mcdonald’s!
Overall, I enjoyed my stay there because the place is clean and well maintained also, their staff are very courteous. They don’t hesitate to give me a smile whenever I see them. If I paid for my stay there, it will be worth my money.

Microtel Davao
Damosa Gateway Complex
Mamay Road, Lanang
Davao City 8000

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