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The Don Mariano Lacson Ancestral House (or commonly called “The Ruins”) is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Bacolod. The Ruins is also called the Taj Mahal of Negros Occidental because this house was built by a sugar baron, Don Mariano Lacson for his first wife, Maria Baron dring the 1900’s. The house survived the Japanese occupation; guerillas at that time utilized this place as one of their hideouts.

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It was only in 2008 when the later generations of the family opened the house to the public. It was only last year that I knew that Jayvee Fernandez, a blogger friend of ours, was the great grandson of Don Mariano Lacson.

We were the first visitors to arrive. They usually open at 9:00am however, we were there at around 8:30 am. The caretaker gladly welcomed us even though it’s not visiting hours yet. The entrance fee is PHP 25.

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You can actually go inside the house. At that time the second floor is being renovated so we only stayed at the first floor. There are chairs and tables there for dining customers. They serve coffee and lunch. We were hoping that we can eat breakfast there but they only start serving food for lunch time.

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The Ruins was our first stop on our tour however many say that it’s better to go there in the afternoon (before sunset). The weather wasn’t that good when we went there (February 4th), it wouldn’t been nice to capture the house with a blue sky.

The caretaker said that this place can also be a venue for events such as wedding receptions, debuts, etc. One of our blogger friends will be getting married there in 2012!! I won’t tell who. πŸ™‚ I bet that this is a nice spot for a romantic wedding.

How to go to The Ruins?

From Circle Inn hotel (Lopez Jaena Street),  we rode the Shopping La-Salle – Libertad jeep and dropped off at Mercury Drug in Lacson Street. After that, we rode another jeep going to Bata (Bata – Libertad route) and dropped off at the Rose Lagoon (near Pepsi Plant in Bata). Minimum fare for jeepneys in Bacolod is now PHP 7.00. Just ask the driver how much you’d have to pay going to your destination. Then, we had a 20 – 30 minute tricycle ride going to the Ruins. We made an arrangement with the tricycle driver because there is no public transportation going back to where you came from. We paid PHP40 each (we were 5) to wait for us for 1 hour.

I love looking at beautiful old houses and The Ruins is one of my favorites. You’ll be able to see in this blog the other old houses / ancestral homes in Negros Occidental. Just watch out for the upcoming blog posts! πŸ™‚

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