Lignon Hill in Legazpi City, Albay

Going up to Lignon Hill

Lignon Hill (pronounced as Liñon or /li-NYON/) is located near Legazpi Airport. The hill stands at 156 meters (511 feet) tall and has best view of Mayon Volcano and the whole Albay. It is best to go there in the morning if you want to see Mayon Volcano without the clouds. When it’s in the afternoon, the clouds tend to cover the volcano. It is also good to go there during the late afternoons up to evenings so that you can see the sunset and the lights of Albay.

On top of Lignon Hill

We decided to start our day by going to Lignon Hill first. We took a tricyle from where we were staying (Sampaguita Tourist Innm in Rizal Drive) and spent Php 40 going to the entrance of the hill. It only took us around 30 minutes to get there. Since it was 7:30 am, vehicles are not allowed to go up the hill so visitors need to walk to reach the top. Since we aren’t that physically fit, it took us around an hour to get there. The road opens for vehicles after 9 am so if you’re a bit too lazy to walk up the hill, then wait until 9 😉 . So we walked, and the moment we reached the top, the view was breath-taking.


Karla brought her tripod so that we can both have beautiful photos taken with us together. We immediately had a photo together with the view of Mayon Volcano in the background. It looked like the Mayon was just painted in our background! It was so beautiful and I can’t believe it’s real.

lignon 2

I was so overwhelmed with its beauty. Can’t you see I’m so happy?

Getting ready for a zipline adventure

Lignon Hill doesn’t have much establishments there, so better bring your own bottle of water. I believe they are planning to have food establishments set up there.

Zipline Fun in Lignon Hill (superman position)

One thing that you can do when you’re there in Lignon Hill is to experience the Zipline. I didn’t try it, I just enjoyed watching the people zip. It rises at 160 meters from the ground and around 100 meters long. The zipline is back and forth and it costs Php 200 with the view of the Mayon Volcano. It’s length is like the one in Caliraya, Laguna.

Zipline Fun in Lignon Hill

Zipline in Lignon Hill (zoomed in)

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