Bernardino -Jalandoni Ancestral House and Museum


The Jalandoni Ancestral House is owned by Don Bernardino Jalandoni and his wife Ysabel Ledesma-Jalandoni. The house was completed in 1908. It’s very easy to see the Jalandoni Ancestral House because it’s just located in Rizal Street, the main street that you will pass by going to and from Bacolod City. It was only in 1993 when public viewing was allowed and was the first heritage house to be opened in Silay City.

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Entrance fee to the museum is PHP40. There is a tour guide, who is wearing the typical Filipina dress during the early 1900’s, to give you a background about the house and also a bit of a history of Silay City in general. The Jalandoni house is just beside the Silay Public market.

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The foundation of the house are still the original ones. If you will see the facade of the house, the design followed the typical nipa hut houses but only bigger in size. The hardwood used in this house originated from Mindoro. The wooden transoms (or the wooden carvings) that you see near the ceiling are very intricate; inspired by French design. Those transoms serve a function in the house, not just aesthetically – it allows the air circulate around the house.

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Jalandoni Museum - 9Painting of the Jalandoni Family

The museum hours is Tuesdays – Sundays, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. You may call +632 34 4955093 for guided tours.

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How to go to the Jalandoni Ancestral House

From Bacolod City, just ride the Bacolod – Silay route. You can also ride a Ceres bus or other mini buses that will go to Victorias, Manapla and farther. Travel time from Bacolod City is around 30 – 45 minutes. Jeepney fare is around PHP13 per person (Bacolod-Silay route). Almost all the jeepneys, vans and buses drop passengers off in the San Diego Cathedral in Silay.

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