Honda Bay Island Hopping


One of the exciting things to do when in Puerto Princesa is island hopping. If you’re an adventurer, this is the one for you. This begins in Honda Bay, a 20 – 30 minute drive from the city proper. We booked a package at and paid $68 (for 2 people) via Paypal. Method of payment is very convenient, we didn’t have to go to the bank or pay cash. A van picked us up at Pads (our hotel) and also brought us back after the tour.

Snake Island, Puerto Princesa

We arrived at the Honda Bay dock station at around 8:30 am. This is the time that it’s packed with tourists, ready to go island hopping. The pump boat can accommodate around 10 people. But for those who can afford better, there’s this international boat rental newport beach.Our first stop was Pambato Island where we snorkeled and saw beautiful corals and fishes. This was actually my first time to snorkel and I really enjoyed it. Seeing the fishes and other sea creatures in their natural habitat was heavenly. As my body was floating while snorkeling, my mind was floating as well, just like in a state of grandeur which I can’t really explain. I am seeing another world within our world which I haven’t explored in my entire life.

Slithering Snake IslandSnake Island, Puerto Princesa

The next island that we visited was Snake Island. The reason it was called as such because of the shape of the island and not because it’s infested with snakes. This island has a sandbar which is very evident when it’s low tide. It also has mangroves in some parts areas. We spent around 2 hours in the island and we also had our lunch here (already included in our package). We also fed the fishes here with the bread that we bought before we began the island hopping.

Our next stop was Pandan Island. For me, this is my most favorite island. It’s very peaceful and it’s like you’re lost in the middle of nowhere. I enjoyed the moment by swimming in the clear, pristine waters and fishfeeding! I said to myself, “ahh, this is the life”.

This was where some of our tour companions had fun with jump shots. Here’s one Canadian lady we met who enjoyed the jump shots:

Pandan Island Jump shot - 18

We left early because some of our companions have a flight back to Manila so we headed back to the base at around 4 pm. This was one of my most memorable experiences in the Philippines and I am looking forward to seeing more of like this in other provinces.

Actually, you can go there without a package. You can rent a boat for around Php 3000 – 4000 for a whole day. If you’re worried about food, you can either bring your own or buy fresh seafood in the island and pay the locals there to cook them for you (or called “paluto”). There are also other islands there that you can visit but according to our tour guide Gloria, the must visits are really Pandan, Snake and Pambato Islands. But if you are lazy to think of where to go for island hopping, I would suggest that you get a package. There are a lot of travel packages that you find when you step into the Puerto Princesa arrival area.

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