Hofileña Ancestral House

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The Hofileña residence is truly a house filled with rare Silay artifacts. Built in 1934 however it was only opened to the public in 1993. One of the living direct descendants of Manuel Severino Hofileña, Ramon Hofileña, is an art enthusiast and the one who also conducts the tour of the house. Actually, their family is composed of artists in different genres. If you are familiar with the Abellanas such as Ray “PJ” Abellana and Jojo Abellana (from a youth-oriented pop culture show “That’s Entertainment”, they’re blood related. Anyway, Ramon Hofileña, is also the expert in Negrense History. He conducts the Silay Cultural-Heritage Tour every Saturdays of December for free, as his contribution to Philippine art and history. If you are a Philippine art enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy this house. I suddenly remembered the things that were taught to me during my Art Studies classes in UP 😀 There are paintings and sketches of Juan Luna, Jose Rizal and Fernando Amorsolo. Aside from art during the Spanish invasion, there are also paintings and sculptures by Silay artists. Truly, this is a place where you will appreciate Philippine art.
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When you go there, you have to book ahead however in our case, we didn’t know that we need to book. Good thing Mon Hofileña accommodated us even though it’s very short notice. There were a bunch of high school students interviewing him for their school paper at that time. Entrance fee is PHP40.

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How to go to the Hofileña Ancestral House:

From Bacolod City, just ride the Bacolod – Silay route. You can also ride a Ceres bus or other mini buses that will go to Victorias, Manapla and farther. Travel time from Bacolod City is around 30 – 45 minutes. Jeepney fare is around PHP13 per person (Bacolod-Silay route). There are also vans that go there however it costs PHP30 – 50 per person. Almost all the jeepneys, vans and buses drop passengers off in the San Diego Cathedral in Silay. The Hofileña House is in Cinco de Nobyembre Street. So from Rizal Street (which is the main road), just walk three blocks until you reach Cince de Nobyembre Street. The streets in Silay are just parallel so you won’t get lost.


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