Feeling Like a Kid Again in Universal Studios Singapore

Outside Universal Studios - 2

I was feeling like a child again when we went to Universal Studios last September 2010 in Singapore. I’ve been to Universal Studios Japan in 2001 but Singapore’s is much smaller. Universal Studios in Singapore is located at the Resorts World Sentosa.

Once you enter Universal Studios, you can already get a map of the entire place which will help you locate all the rides and attractions in the area. Here’s one tip, buy your tickets online and make sure it’s a weekday because it’s much cheaper and for convenience. We went there on a Thursday and only paid SGD66 per adult. There’s what they call the Universal Express (costs SGD30 on top of your entrance fee), which is their priority lane on rides and attractions. I suggest that you get this only if you will be going there on weekend. It’s a waste of money if there’s no long queue! You can buy the tickets here.

Madagascar Merry - Go - Around - Universal Studios

First stop is Madagascar, nothing really much to see here. Actually this is just the warm up. We rode the Madagascar carousel and felt like little kids enjoying the ride.

Far Far Away at Universal Studios Singapore

After the “sissy ride” in Madagascar, we headed to Far Far Away Land. Must visit attractions are Enchanted Airways (a mini roller coaster) and of course, the 4D Shrek attraction. We wore 3d glasses while we were inside the giant movie theater. The reason it’s called 4D it’s because you’ll also be able to feel liquids or vapors that will enhance your viewing of the film.  If you’re a Shrek fan, you’ll really enjoy this place.

Enchanted Airways at Universal Studios Singapore

Jurassic Park entrance in Universal Studios

Jurassic Park is one of the popular attractions in Universal Studios globally. I realized that they have a different version of the Rapids Adventure Ride in Singapore rather than in Japan. In Singapore, you will ride a rubber boat and will be taken around the Hydroelectric Plant. Of course, the thrill of the ride is that you’ll be heading to a sloping area of the river and will experience a wet adventure. In Japan, the rubber boats can accommodate I think more than 10 people and it’s rectangular in shape. Suggestion, if you don’t want to be wet, bring a raincoat (or you can buy one for SGD 2.50) or bring extra clothes. You can’t bring your bags when you ride the rubber boat, its either one of you will be left to guard your belongings or rent a locker (SGD 4 for 1 hour). The lockers are electronic and you need to enter a password to get your stuff again. If you don’t go back before the time you set your locker, it will automatically open.

Canopy Flyer at Universal Studios Singapore

The Canopy Flyer is also a nice ride. Not really scary but the view on top is nice. You’ll be able to see the whole Jurassic Park area.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure - Universal Studios

Waterworld Entrance at the Universal Studios Singapore

Aside from Jurassic Park, the most popular attraction is Waterworld. We entered an arena where there are labels on the benches. I already expected this to be another “wet and wild” attraction so we stayed away. There are different zones such as “soaking wet”, “splash zone” and “safe zone”. We don’t want to be wet again so we stayed in the safe zone. This attraction had a lot of action scenes, pyrotechnics and of course a lot of water splashing!

Waterworld at Universal Studios Singapore - 7

Waterwold Audience in Universal Studios

Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios - 2

After the wet and wild adventure in Jurassic Park and Waterworld, we now headed to the Ancient Egypt area. The Revenge of the Mummy ride was our most favorite ride among all the others in Universal Studios Singapore because there is an element of surprise. This is much more of a psycho thriller ride because you will not be able to see the path where you’re going. You’ll suddenly feel warm, cold, exhilarated, etc.

Battlestar Galactica at Universal Studios - 4

When we were there, Battlestar Gallactica was still closed. I believe by this time, it’s already operating.

New York at Universal Studios Singapore - 1

The last area in Universal Studios was the New York and Hollywood area. Be sure to go to the “Lights, Camera, Action” attraction which features Steven Spielberg. You’ll be able to know how Hollywood creates the Twister (hurricane) in the movies.

Sentosa Express in Singapore

We were able to finish roaming around Universal Studios Singapore in 6 – 7 hours which already includes our lunch. By the way, a meal inside Universal Studios costs around SGD10 – 12.

Ticket Machine at the Vivo City

How to go to Universal Studios Singapore?

Ride the MRT and alight at the Waterfront station (North East Line). Then go to the 3rd level of Vivo City and ride the Sentosa Express which will bring you to Sentosa. The train ride from Vivo City to Sentosa is SGD 3. You have to buy the tickets through the machine above. 🙂

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