Falling in Love with Melbourne

Second day in Melbourne and I am beginning to love this place. I’m in the southern part of Melbourne and the place is very quiet. Not too many people and cars. There are mostly cafes here in my area and they close at around 4 – 5 pm. I just walk going to work wearing my comfortable rubber shoes. It’s nice to walk in a breezy sunny day.

Aside from my colleagues in the office, all the people here are generally very kind and friendly. I also see a lot of Asians and Indians here. It feels so good and makes me feel comfortable being alone with so many friendly people I deal with here.

At night, with the view of the Royal Botanical Garden and the city on my window, I don’t really see a lot cars and people either. It’s not like in Manila wherein you can go to a cafe during the wee hours of the morning.

After work, I walked passed at my hotel and decided to stroll for a while before coming home. I turned left to Walk St. and then ended up in Dorcas St. I’m actually looking for something to take away for dinner. I saw a small grocer and bought a frozen roasted lamb which I can heat in my oven at my hotel room. I thought of strolling some more and saw some more grocers and small restaurants. I decided to buy a zaru soba (cold buckwheat noodles) from a Japanese restaurant in Bank St. called DonDon.

I could live here for a long time. Probably I’ll decide to migrate here in the future.

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