Drowning in a Beach?

Life Guard in Action

Most of the beach resorts have their own respective life guards. One time when we were in Laiya, Batangas, someone was shouting for help and the life guard immediately responded. So, what should you do when you’re drowning?

1. Do not go too far from the shoreline if you do not know how to swim or if it’s your first time to swim there.

2. Do not panic.

3. Learn how to swim 😉

4. Do not swim if you’re under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

5. For the parents, keep an eye closely on your children.

6. If you saw someone drowning, get help immediately (if there is no life guard, get help from those who knows how to swim and get additional medical help too) even if the person is a stranger to you.

Well, I admit that I have gone swimming in the beach (in Puerto Galera) after having a couple of bottles of beer. In case you would still like to take a dip in the beach after a couple of beers, don’t go far from the shoreline. Or, if you could avoid drinking beer or any type of alcoholic drink before swimming, please do so. 🙂 Learn to prevent things like this from happening. 🙂

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