Day 2: Weekend City Tour of Melbourne

For my second weekend city tour in Melbourne, I decided to start my itinerary by going to the Melbourne Zoo. My day didn’t really start out nice because I had to go back to my hotel twice because of the things I’ve forgotten (Oh, forgetful me). I got my tram ticket (I already bought a Sunday Saver ticket for unlimited rides all through out the day and it only costs AUD 3.10).  To go to the Melbourne Zoo, I had to ride Tram 55 at the Domain Interchange and the travel time was around 30 minutes.

Kangaroos sleeping at the Melbourne Zoo

I arrived in Melbourne Zoo at around 10:30 am. The sun was up and it was scorching hot that day. Good thing that I only wore shorts so that I’ll be comfortable. Entrance to the Melbourne Zoo costs AUD 24.90 for adults (around Php 1070 +). Children 4-15 years old costs AUD 12.10 (around Php 520+).

Kangaroo at the Melbourne Zoo
Because I was in Australia, I promised myself to see a real life Kangaroo and Koala that is why I decided to go to the Melbourne Zoo. The zoo houses more than 320 species and it is oldest zoo in Australia (opened in 1862). I enjoyed watching the animals. Everyone there felt that they’re a kid all over again because of the animals. The moment I saw where the kangaroos were, I was stunned. Since the sun was up, I think they were too lazy to get up and they’re quite thin. I was able to see one kangaroo hop its way to the other side and I was really amazed how cute it hopped!

Koala at the Melbourne Zoo

There was one koala there hugging the bamboo tree. It was so cute!

Meerkat at the Melbourne Zoo

The meerkat was a funny little thing. It was quite hard to take a photo of it because it kept on running around. Good thing I was able to catch him standing still.

Wombat at the Melbourne Zoo

Here’s another interesting animal I saw, the wombat. It’s actually a pig but it’s hairy. The keeper allowed the visitors to touch it. He was harmless and felt like I was caressing a dog.

I ate my quick lunch at the zoo. Just had a cheeseburger (a gigantic one!) and a bottle of Gatorade. I left Melbourne zoo at around 12:30 pm and headed to the tram station to go back to the city. The funny thing happened was I rode the wrong tram. I realized that I rode the tram going farther north of Melbourne because I couldn’t see it anymore in my map! I immediately jumped off the wrong tram and waited for the tram (again, tram 55)  going to back to the city. It’s confusing for me because their roads are meant for drivers on the right side when here in the Philippines, the drivers are at the left side ;). My next stop was the University of Melbourne.

Trinity College at the University of Melbourne

Trinity College at the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is one of the most prestigious university in the whole world. Founded in 1854, its Gothic inspired architecture is truly a beautiful sight to see. If only given a chance, I want to study there.

University of Melbourne

Horsfall Chapel at the University of Melbourne

Horsfall Chapel near the Trinity College

Outside the National Gallery of Victoria

I still can’t get enough of looking at different kinds of art and so I decided to drop by the National Gallery of Victoria at the Arts Centre. I rode the tram going to the Flinders Street Station.

Paintings and Scultures at the National Gallery of Victoria

There is no entrance fee to the National Gallery of Victoria. Everybody is free to roam around and even take pictures. At first, I was hesitant because usually galleries would not allow photography inside it but when I saw someone who took a photo and the marshall didn’t mind it, I took my own photos as well.

Nude Painting at the National Gallery of Victoria

Roaming around the different galleries felt like I was in Rome. The paintings and sculptures were magnificent. I couldn’t help but be awed as I was looking at the beautiful pieces of art! I even saw a Monet painting there.

Sculpture at the National Gallery of Victoria

Mosaic Ceiling at the at the National Gallery of Victoria

Old Cradle at the National Gallery of Victoria

My last stop for the day was the Eureka Skydeck 88. This is also like the Melbourne 360 but this one offers something different aside from the full view of Melbourne. They have what they call “The Edge”.  This is a glass cube which projects out of the building itself and can be thrilling for many because the floor is also made of glass. By the way, if you look down, you will see that you are standing 300 meters high. The entrance fee to the Eureka Skydeck 88 is AUD 16.50 for adults (around Php 709+) and there is an additional fee of AUD 12.00 (around Php 516+)  if you want to experience “The Edge”.

The Edge at the Eureka Skydeck

I’d really go for anything as a tourist so I paid for my admission ticket for the edge. They gave me an alarm thing which will signal me to go to the entrance of The Edge. So I decided to look around the skydeck first and the I heard the alarm thing. I noticed that the alarm went louder as I approach the entrance of the Edge. They gave me plastic to put into my shoes (somewhat like a shower cap) then we were briefed on what to do when we’re inside the chamber. While we were inside the glass chamber, there were loud noises that would make you feel scared. I wasn’t really scared at all. No cameras were allowed inside the chamber because they have a camera there to take souvenir photos. Of course, I had mine. My group included a couple and a family and I was the only one who’s alone (sad 🙁 ). Well, even though that’s the case, I’m the only one who has the cutest souvenir photo! Haha. After the experience, they gave us baller bands that says “I survived The Edge” for free and after that I headed to the souvenir photo area to get my own photo.

I headed to Swanston Street to have dinner. I enjoyed watching the animals and most especially the beautiful art in the gallery. I was already realizing that my days in Melbourne was nearing to its end. It saddening to know that I am now back here in Manila. I wish I could’ve stayed much longer but my work is here. But anyway, I was already lucky to have one weekend there to go around and experience the city.

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