Caliraya Recreation Center

At Caliraya

There are several resorts situated along Caliraya Lake and one of which is the Caliraya Recreation Center. It is located in Lumban, Laguna with a lot area of 7.6 hectares. You can go there via South Luzon Express Way and via Antipolo.

What I like about the Caliraya Recreation Center is the scenery which lets you experience a cozy atmosphere.

The resort is one of the popular choices of destinations where to have team building and as well as youth camps.


Lean Peak
Hotel – Single 4,800/pax 5,250/pax
Hotel – Double 3,200/pax 3,400/pax
Hotel – Triple 2,700/pax 2,800/pax
Hotel – Quadruple 2,500/pax 2,700/pax
Hotel – Quintuple 2,300/pax 2,500/pax
Duplex / Dormitory 1,600/pax 1,700/pax
Daytour 1,200/pax 1,200/pax
Cottage 1,300/pax 1,400/pax

Two Duplex units at Caliraya Recreation Center

Our group availed of the Duplex type of accommodation and it is inclusive of:

1. Entrance fee.
2. Full board buffet style meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).
3. Free flowing coffee & hot tea during meal time.
4. Overnight accommodation (aircon room with cable TV).
5. Free use of swimming pool, slip n slide, earthball, monster basketball and obstacle course.
6. Free use of slide pinoy & hanging bridge.
7. Ferry boat ride to and from the resort (24 hours service)
8. Jeepney transfer inside the resort

The duplex has 5 double deck beds located on its first floor. On its second floor, there are mattresses. Each duplex unit has a capacity of around 14 people. Each unit has two restrooms (one in the first floor and one in the second floor). Each restroom has 3 cubicles (2 for shower, 1 for toilet).

I think that the Duplex/Dormitory units is a good choice because you’ll get to enjoy a better view of Caliraya Lake.

Some of the activities that you can do in Caliraya Recreation Center are:


Canoeing at Caliraya

Zorb Ball

Zorb Ball at Caliraya

Fly Pinoy Zipline

Fly Pinoy Zipline in Caliraya

Bungee Fun

Bungee Fun

Check out more activities to do in Caliraya Recreation Center’s website.

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