Cagsawa Ruins Park

Cagsawa Ruins 2

Within the vicinity of Cagsawa Ruins Park is the Cagsawa Church Belfry which remains standing today since Mayon Volcano’s worst eruption in 1814. This is among the most photographed spots in the province of Albay.

Clouds already covered half of Mayon Volcano by the time we arrived there. It’s best time to go there early in the morning if you want to see the picturesque perfect-cone-shaped Mayon Volcano.

Everyone visiting the park must pay the 10-peso entrance fee (per head).

There are kids in the park that will offer to take your photos or will teach you on how to do some trick shots. You do not have to pay them a fixed fee but you can give them a tip. 🙂

Check out some of the trick shots that have been added in the app IveBeenHere:

1. Superwoman
2. Climbing the Cagsawa Church Belfry
3. Leaning on the Cagsawa Church Belfry
4. The giant and the tiny people in Cagsawa Ruins Park

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