Butterfly Garden in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Butterfly at Butterfly Garden - 7

Puerto Princesa is lucky to become a haven of different species of butterflies in South East Asia. The Butterfly Garden is located in Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa. It’s a small garden filled with beautiful butterflies in their natural habitat where lots of plants and flowers where butterflies can frolic onto. There are also some dragonflies there that mix with butterflies. It’s really a magical place and made me thought of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The facade is very simple but when you’re inside, it’s like you’re taken away to a fairy-tale like place and can make you forget the outside world for a while.

Pupae at Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Pupae

Aside from garden, they also have a lover’s bench hidden somewhere in the garden. Isn’t it romantic when you’re with someone you love and experience love together with the beautiful butterflies? I guess the non-romantic person will definitely appreciate this.

At Butterfly Garden - 1

Flowers at Butterfly Garden

Dragonfly at Butterfly Garden

Butterfly at Butterfly Garden - 2

Butterfly at Butterfly Garden - 1

Entrance fee is just 20 pesos and you can stay for as long as you like inside (for as long as you’re not part of a tour group 😉 ). You can also see other photos that I took here (these are Karla’s photos 😉 ).

How to get there:

Tricycle – There are some tricycle drivers who would offer you city tour in Puerto Princesa for 300 – 500 pesos. This is usually part of their tour. That’s how we were able to get there. You can also ask a regular tricycle driver to just go straight there, just not sure how it would cost you but I guess around 150 or more.

Butterfly at Butterfly Garden - 3

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