Black Sand Beaches in Albay

Black Sand Beach in Albay

The black sand beaches located in Tiwi, Sto. Domingo and Bacacay are actually made up of volcanic sand. Since such black sand beaches (that are made up of volcanic sand) are rare, we decided to drop by in Panarayon Beach in Bacacay.


There’s no entrance fee in Panarayon Beach Resort but if you would like to use the cottages in the beach front, you have to pay. We were not able to get the exact amount but it’s above 50 pesos.

Building Mayon Volcano

The beach was not crowded when we went there. But I guess there will be more people there when summertime comes. If you’re the type who would like to see white sand beaches, then you should go to Misibis Bay Rain Tree located in Cagraray Island, Albay.

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