Binondo: The Chinatown of Manila

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch at Binondo
Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch

Binondo, Manila’s third district, is also known as Manila’s Chinatown. We just had a photo walk here where our route began a couple or more meters away from the foot of Jones Bridge (just outside Original Savory). We were then welcomed by the picturesque Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch.

We then headed to New Po-Heng Lumpia House where we had fresh lumpia (spring roll). Then, we walked some more and upon reaching the corner of Ongpin and San Nicolas streets, we saw there a shrine of Santo Cristo de Longos. Garlands of sampaguita can be found around the cross. At the foot of the cross, you will see there a jar with incense sticks lit up by the devotees.

Santo Cristo de Longos

With this imagery, you will surely notice the fusion of both Catholicism and Buddhism. After a few snaps, we walked some more and then we passed by another arch. As we reached the corner of Salazar and Ongpin streets, we saw this interesting street sign. We were not just interested to take a photo of this one because the pole had dragons. We noticed that the N in Ongpin is flipped horizontally. I’m not sure if it was just a mistake. 😀

Street Signs in Binondo
Street signs with dragons

Then, we had dumplings at Wai Ying Fastfood since Dong Bei was closed (not operating on a Black Saturday). Then, we walked towards Tomas Pinpin St. to try out the Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant. On our way there, we passed by some interesting subjects to take photos of.

Calesa in the streets of Binondo
Calesa in the streets of Binondo

It would have been a nice idea to ride on a calesa (horse-drawn carriage) around Binondo. But since we’re quite a big group, we just chose to walk.

An Old Building in Binondo
An old building in Binondo

The old buildings in Binondo are interesting subjects as well. Just by looking at the old buildings, you will easily notice the influence of Spanish and Chinese architecture.

Inside Binondo Church
Inside Binondo Church

A visit to the Binondo Church is also a must. Anyway, this was not included in our recently concluded photo walk.

Strolling around Binondo is like a time travel. Engaging in such activity will let you discover the beauty and charm of old Manila.

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