The Bell Church in Baguio City

Group of tourists flock inside the Bell Church in BaguioA group of tourists walk in the narrow alleys towards the compound of the Bell Church

I’ve been to Baguio City a lot of times already. However, this is the first time that I got the chance to visit The Bell Church. After having breakfast at Pizza Volante along Session Road, we walked towards the terminal near the Baguio City Hall. We took the jeepney bearing the La Trinidad sign. Fare going to The Bell Church is PhP 8.50 per person.

Entrance to the Bell Church from the main road

The Bell Church is not hard to find at all. Just before the “Welcome to La Trinidad” arch, on the right side of the road, you’ll see the “Welcome to Bell Church” sign. We walked towards a narrow alley that leads to the compound of the Bell Church.

The Bell Church, Baguio City - 1 Wall with various Chinese writings

Upon entering the compound, you will be greeted with a wall with Chinese writings. It seems to me that these are the names of individuals and families who donate to the church. Make sure that you go up so that you can see the wonderful view. The place reminded me of the Taoist Temple in Cebu but this one is smaller.

The view from the Bell Church, Baguio City - 2 The view from the Bell Church

If ever you will be going to Baguio, I suggest that you go to The Bell Church especially if you’re tired of Burnham Park, Mines View, Session Road and Camp John Hay. Photography enthusiasts or those who love picture taking will definitely enjoy it here. The vistas from the top is really a sight to behold.

The Bell Church, Baguio City - 5 The Bell Church

By the way, please be reminded not to take photos inside the temple. 🙂

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