Bacolaodiat: Bacolod’s Chinese New Year Celebration

Bacolaodiat Parade - 8

Bacolaodiat Festival is Bacolod City’s grand celebration of the Chinese New Year and they have been celebrating it for 6 years already. During our trip to Bacolod City, we were actually not aware of Bacolaodiat until Eric mentioned it to us.

Bacolaodiat is just a play of words between “Bacolod” and “Lao Diat”. “Lao Diat” means celebration.

Bacolaodiat Parade - 1

There were colorful floats and parades. Too bad we weren’t able to see all of those who participated in the parade because we arrived in Bacolod at around 4pm. It’s also good that we’re able to catch the Dragon Dance which was held just in front of Chowking along Lacson Street.

Bacolaodiat Parade - 13


By nighttime, it’s nice to take pictures of the Chinese Lanterns most especially along Lacson Street since there’s a lot of them there.

Bacolaodiat (Dragon)

We were able to witness some of the groups perform in a street dance competition. They were only using one song. Thus, we had an LSS (last song syndrome) that lasted for days. 😀 Yes, the song was that catchy hehe. 🙂

BacoLaoDiat - Chinese New Year Celebration in Bacolod

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