Awesome Philippines by Department of Tourism

Awesome Philippines is a project spearheaded by the Department of Tourism Secretary Ace Durano. Using social media as a means to promote the RP tourism was not only demonstrated here. You can take a look at the Facebook Pages. I recall that Boracay page in Facebook has a lot of fans. 😉 You remember that HappySlip visited the Philippines and the videos that were taken during her trip here in the Philippines. You’ll get to see her in the videos that you can use in creating remixes. 😀

So what are you waiting for? Go to and start creating your holiday remix. 😉 This gives you a chance to win a free vacation in the Philippines. 😀 Plus, creating a video remix in a way helps the promotion of RP tourism. So, if you have a blog, you can also embed your video remix there. 🙂

And for those who are into Second Life, please do watch out for a virtual tour/game of the Philippines. 😀 By the way, I got to see the beta of this one but you still have to know that the way the virtual paradise was structured is not really realistic in terms of geographical locations. 😉 But at least it would give you an overview and information about the famous destinations in the Philippines. 😀

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