Caliraya Recreation Center

At Caliraya

There are several resorts situated along Caliraya Lake and one of which is the Caliraya Recreation Center. It is located in Lumban, Laguna with a lot area of 7.6 hectares. You can go there via South Luzon Express Way and via Antipolo.

What I like about the Caliraya Recreation Center is the scenery which lets you experience a cozy atmosphere.

The resort is one of the popular choices of destinations where to have team building and as well as youth camps.


Lean Peak
Hotel – Single 4,800/pax 5,250/pax
Hotel – Double 3,200/pax 3,400/pax
Hotel – Triple 2,700/pax 2,800/pax
Hotel – Quadruple 2,500/pax 2,700/pax
Hotel – Quintuple 2,300/pax 2,500/pax
Duplex / Dormitory 1,600/pax 1,700/pax
Daytour 1,200/pax 1,200/pax
Cottage 1,300/pax 1,400/pax

Two Duplex units at Caliraya Recreation Center

Our group availed of the Duplex type of accommodation and it is inclusive of:

1. Entrance fee.
2. Full board buffet style meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).
3. Free flowing coffee & hot tea during meal time.
4. Overnight accommodation (aircon room with cable TV).
5. Free use of swimming pool, slip n slide, earthball, monster basketball and obstacle course.
6. Free use of slide pinoy & hanging bridge.
7. Ferry boat ride to and from the resort (24 hours service)
8. Jeepney transfer inside the resort

The duplex has 5 double deck beds located on its first floor. On its second floor, there are mattresses. Each duplex unit has a capacity of around 14 people. Each unit has two restrooms (one in the first floor and one in the second floor). Each restroom has 3 cubicles (2 for shower, 1 for toilet).

I think that the Duplex/Dormitory units is a good choice because you’ll get to enjoy a better view of Caliraya Lake.

Some of the activities that you can do in Caliraya Recreation Center are:


Canoeing at Caliraya

Zorb Ball

Zorb Ball at Caliraya

Fly Pinoy Zipline

Fly Pinoy Zipline in Caliraya

Bungee Fun

Bungee Fun

Check out more activities to do in Caliraya Recreation Center’s website.

12 thoughts on “Caliraya Recreation Center”

  1. hmm, that would be very risky. We’re not sure if they allow walk-in guests but you can try. I believe it’s better to have a reservation before going there just to be sure. 🙂

  2. if you plan to go to caliraya, i suggest you think 100 times. we went there for our office event.. and it was a disappoinment. it was not like the caliraya before.

    our group was more than 100pax and caliraya accommodated about 500 more guests. the venue could not accommodate all the groups. the clients were all complaining for the poor service and unaccommodating staff.

    the aircon at the function rooms were not working… the hotel rooms had leaks.. the dining halls had flies everywhere.. they had conflicting bookings… the venue was not well-maintained.

    the staff were grumpy.. especially renee boy and the assistant manager..

    our office will not avail of their services again…

  3. Our experience was horrifying. Our group divided into two. We availed two cottages for an overnight stay at P1,200/pax. The cottages only had a padlock as it’s lock. The windows didn’t have locks either. Of course we had fun during our first day but on the second day, someone forced their way inside one of our group’s cottage and stole their cellphones (6 to be exact) and a Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet. All items amounted to almost P77,000. Since the cottages were not air conditioned, they left the window open but it had a screen. So, they thought it would be okay to leave it open. They even had the light on inside and outside the cottage. This cottage was beside the common CRs, which was well lit. At around 4 AM they discovered that someone slashed the window screen open, used an improvised ladder in the form of a scaffolding to climb up the window and took all their phones including 2 company phones which was worth P24,000 each. There was no sense of urgency on Caliraya’s part. It was if it was just a usual incident. The Asst. GM even turned off the lights after my friends reported the incident to them. He dismissed them after he called the security guards to check. Any progress happened after 2 hours, when they finally called the General Manager at 6AM. We even had the police investigate and they reported it as a ROBBERY and that the thief used a knife or something sharp to slash the screen. IF I WERE YOU DON’T GO THERE. WE THINK IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB. The security personnel we’re not around when they looked for help at around 430AM. The Asst. GM didn’t even care when they reported that they’re cottage was broken in. And what’s more annoying was that the management gave the cottage to another family. The face on the mother when she learned that they gave her a cottage which was a scene of a crime was priceless. The security was lax thus resulting in this predicament. My friends are now in the process of negotiating the case with SFGC but if they don’t do anything about this, they’re planning on bringing in lawyers if you know what I mean. PLEASE PASS THIS ON.

  4. hey, we are seriously considering this place for our family outing this summer because we want my young niece to experience nature. but after reading the ‘horror’ stories, i am inclined to consider some place else.

    actually your story is believable because when i called this resort’s office to ask for room rates the girl on the other line seemed to be mataray because when i asked what includes the package she seem annoyed that i asked. i thought she just didn’t heard me that’s why she made me repeat my question…i let it pass until i asked Lagos Del Sol whose staff is more accommodating. Unfortunately, we find the activities included in the package of Lagos too limited for the price. Sad 🙁

  5. Hi ate sheena, I’ve been to Caliraya last year and I found the place really interesting. I went there with my friends who brought with them their digicams, laptops, and techie phones but fortunately we did not experience the same thing as Calirayasux did. I found the place secure and enjoyable, maybe you also have to be really careful with your belongings. On the other hand, let’s all hope that nothing like this will happen anymore not only at Caliraya but with other resorts too.

  6. I’ve always love to visit the Phils., I know of a lot of great spots there. Looking at this one is breathtaking as well as the island of Boracay. I’d love to go back there and thanks for providing the site. Might visit next year for a family get away..

    Cheers, Jhaz

  7. hi! can walk-in guests use the facilities? Like the activities that you have there? And how much are the rates of the outdoor activities?

  8. ok naman ang mga amenities sa caliraya .. actually nag-enjoy kami.. ang problema lang skanila eh ang staff nya.. in terms of rooms.. ok nman kase yung mahal yung kinuha namin.. wag lang kayo magrereklamo kung hndi aircon room nyo… nasa budget nyo na yan.. if you hab=ve money then yung magndang cottagen kunin nyo.. about their foods ok naman.. kaya lang yung mga utensils nila eh.. alam nyo na heheh// 🙂 but in total maganda sya.. sana lang gumagana lahat ng amenities .. hehehe

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