Shopping in Bugis

Bugis Junction
Bugis Junction

We’ve been looking where to shop to buy something for our family and friends back in Manila and Bugis was suggested to us since there are variety of stores there at relatively affordable prices. There is a Bugis Junction Mall which is connected to the MRT station. Shops in Bugis Junction Mall are the branded ones however if you really want bargain shopping, just cross the street and visit the Bugis Village. It’s a tiangge set up wherein you can haggle for the prices to be lower. You can buy clothes, Singapore souvenirs (key chains, t-shirts, etc.), food, and many others. They also have adult shops for those who are more adventurous ones.  I bought some bracelets 3 for SGD 10 (about PHP330 + ) for my mom, a whole bag of Milk Tea for about SGD 5.99 (about PHP200 pesos), and many more. It’s good to go there anytime of the year but it’s better if it’ s before the last minute holidays to avoid too much people.

How to go to Bugis? Just ride the MRT – Green Line. 🙂

New Philippine Peso Bills

New peso bills, from BSP

New administration, new Philippine Peso bills. The Central Bank of the Philippines has just released the newest Philippine bank notes and people can already exchange their current bills to these new ones beginning next week (Dec 20, 2010 onwards). The current bills can still be used for 3 years. The reason for creating new Philippine Peso bills, according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is that counterfeiters have already perfected our current bills.

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“Pilipinas Kay Ganda” – Tentative Marketing Tagline for Philippine Tourism

Pilipinas Kay Ganda

The Department of Tourism launched the re-branding the tourism campaign for the Philippines last night. Basically the DOT want to depart from the “WOW Philippines” marketing plan and possibly make it to “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”. The whole marketing plan is still not final yet and still open to fine tuning. I’ve been hearing this from my social network and initially, me thinks it’s mehh. I went to the launch the other night to see it for myself.

The DOT feels that this is a radical change compared to other Asian countries who are already using ownership of English words i.e. Malaysia: Truly Asia, Incredible India, Amazing Thailand, Your Singapore, Charming Vietnam, etc… DOT Undersecretary Romano III says that “using our own native name and the local vernacular to express our national pride and tell our story in our way to make it rise above the competition”. Yes it’s true, we’re being radical here by using our own language in promoting the Philippines, no problem with that. I think that it’s actually a good idea but it seems that “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” does not give the “ummph” to the locals moreover to the international community.  A lot of people actually think that it sounds like a game show, something like “Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?”.

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Traders Hotel Review

Traders Hotel Deluxe Room 2

Two weeks ago, I stayed in Traders Hotel because a family friend “sold” us her overnight stay gift certificate for half the original price. It was a good deal and just used it so that it won’t be wasted. My mom and I stayed in their Deluxe Room which includes Breakfast buffet. I think the original price of this kind of room is about Php 5800 + per night. The best thing about this hotel is that every room as a complimentary broadband internet connection! You don’t need to pay extra because it’s already included the package.  I was online from 11 pm to around 5 am and didn’t have any extra cost!

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Rejuvinating Massage at the O Spa

Regenere Spa at One Tagaytay Place - 6

Our overnight stay in One Tagaytay Place isn’t complete without trying their spa services at the O Spa. When we were in One Tagaytay Place, it was a stressful week at work for me so I really didn’t miss the chance to get a soothing massage. The photo above are rooms for individuals who want some privacy.

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Fish Feeding in Nuvali, Laguna

I’ve heard so many things about Nuvali, Ayala Land’s development which focuses on evo-living, but it was only 3 weeks ago when I actually witnessed how wonderful this place is. Thanks to the invitation of Jayce Perlas, me and other media practitioners had a half day food tripping tour in Nuvali.

Aside from the food tasting bonanza that we did, my most favorite part of the whole tour was the fish feeding. Nuvali has a man-made lake which has various purposes. You can enjoy fish feeding in lake at the Solenad, the shopping and dining district in Nuvali. Fish feeding is free but you have to buy the fish feeds from them. It costs Php 15 per small bag. As you can see in the video above, the Japanese Kois enjoyed the feeds that visitors feed them. They’re actually a lot, I can’t really say how many they are, but there are gigantic Kois. Many say that Kois can live up to a century and I could just imagine that if it’s already the next century, the Kois in this lake can actually take over the entire province! Haha, just kidding.

FYI, you do not need to be a resident of Nuvali to enjoy the amenities and restaurants there. For more information about Nuvali, please visit their website at

The Fort Bus Now in the Makati Business District

fort bus

Good news for those who travel frequently from the Central Business District of Makati to The Fort, Taguig. The Fort Bus now has pick up points in different locations in Makati. Please refer to the map for reference. Unfortunately, this will not go straight to The Fort but will drop you off at the usual area where you can ride the Fort buses (near MRT Ayala Station). I hope that one day, they will have a bus that will go directly to the Fort from the Makati CBD so that it will be more convenient for us. It would be nice if the two business districts will have public transportation links because it will be advantageous for the both cities.

Fare is still at Php 11.00.